Shawn Mahler

Shawn Mahler grew up in a rural community with a very talented family.  These talents centered around the ability for creating various construction and woodworking projects. The excitement and success of each project fueled my desire to learn more in the area of furniture and cabinet design.  This drive to become proficient at my craft took on a tremendous boost while obtaining my bachelors degree in Industrial Technology. These experiences have given me opportunities to manage custom and commercial woodworking shops. The commercial projects have included cabinetry for hospitals, schools and doctor offices. The commercial work has provided several opportunities to hone my abilities in developing production related skills. However, my passion for details has always brought me back to custom woodworking with a focus on doing each project without shortcuts. My custom woodworking has focused on projects such as antique reproductions, craftsman and mission style furniture.

Marty Mahler

Against the Grain Woodworking was founded in 1999 by Marty Mahler. For the past 16 years Marty has been designing and building a variety of custom designed projects for a wide variety of customers.

Marty has been doing woodworking since he was ten years old and used to sneak into his Dad's woodshop and build projects while his dad was at work. Since that time he has been driven to produce high quality custom woodworking products that both he and his customers can be proud of.

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